Two Blokes [with a Postie]

Talk to us before you tell your clients: "No, Business Catalyst can't do that."

We offer help to Business Catalyst partners with their site implementation. When you're building a site on Business Catalyst and need to hit a deadline, when you get stuck with an implementation or you don't have the Javascript and API skills needed, reach out to us and we can help you.

API integrations

Does your client have requirements where they need to do automated imports of customers or export data such as cases or orders to a third party system? Do you need to do reporting or processing that BC can’t do out of the box? We will build you an app that hooks into the Business Catalyst API which will preform the functionality your client needs.

Front-end JS/HTML/CSS

That pesky Javascript not doing the right thing for you? Maybe you have some CSS issues? We can look into it and fix it for you. Maybe you're not sure how to submit forms using Ajax or integrate that slider that your client likes, or even create a web app that does something out of the ordinary..Talk to us.

Site troubleshooting

With a combined 9 years+ experience in working with Business Catalyst, we can come to the rescue and fix issues like your DNS not working properly, setup your email or point you in the right direction with your implementation.

Custom solutions

There are some cases where even Business Catalyst can't do something that your client really wants. Not to worry. We can implement a custom solution for you in Python, Django, PostgreSQL and deploy it on EC2 Amazon servers. Your client will get an Admin interface which will allow them to manage their site like they would on Business Catalyst.

Site implementation

So you have this awesome design or a template that you need to build into a functioning site, but don't have the time or the knowledge? Pass it on to us along with the copy and any media you may have, and we'll take care of the rest.

Great Service

You'll find two blokes to be friendly, prompt and larger than life. Give us a call and you'll see what we're talking about. Or you can ask Eugene Ball and he'll tell you. Hi Eugene!

Thanks Mario, more than just delivering a perfect technical result, the integrity behind your work gives me the invaluable confidence to know the job will get done to a standard that i'm not only happy to put my name to but that makes me look AWESOME!

Getting a job done for you is valuable, getting it done by Two Blokes [with a Postie] and having the confidence it'll be done flawlessly is invaluable

If a client asks for something impossible, I just say 'yes' and give Mario a call.

Joshua Lee - Roomthree

Two Blokes are the go-to guys for bespoke BC functionality and integrations. Eddy and Mario couldn't be more helpful and knowledgeable about how to solve complex BC problems.

We had a really difficult challenge integrating Business Catalyst with an accounting system and Two Blokes came through big time. There after care support was second to none as they were responsive and quick to help if we had any questions or needed something.

I would really recommended Two Blokes for your next BC project.

Malcolm - Creative Director - Urban Element

Headjam are a full service creative agency based in Australia with experienced in house business catalyst developers. There are times however when we need that extra little knowledge, advice or expertise. At these times the only people we trust and turn to is Mario and Eddie at 'Two Blokes with a Postie'. They are professional, friendly and helpful, answering our questions promptly and expertly.

When we need programming or API help beyond a simple fix, the guys at 'Two Blokes with a Postie' are like an extension of our own team. They deliver on time, and have even worked out of hours to ensure we met our own client deadlines.

Thanks for been great!

Dan Fallon - Senior Developer - Headjam

We have known Mario and Eddy for many years. They are both excellent at what they do - and funny guys as well!

We utilise their web skills on coding projects that require specialist training and knowledge.

They always provide solutions to our complex problems - and that makes our clients (and our team) extremely happy!

Mark Barrett - Director - CIMarketing

I was in search of two blokes who could be trusted to carry out some quite significant work for some large Corporate clients of ours in the UK. Funny enough, I found them down unda and the postie was a bonus.

Working with the guys was an awesome experience and needless to say their in-depth understanding of BC having been on the ‘inside’ was a huge advantage.

Their professional approach to the projects was a great deal appreciated and this is the reason we chose them over other offshore options – we could not afford for the projects to go awry nor did we want to have to micro-manage.

They brought great innovative ideas to the table, and followed through to completion on all detailed aspects, which was definitely worth the bucks!

The time difference was an interesting one (UK/Australia) but I really appreciated the flexibility the guys offered on the odd occasion where we needed to engage out of office hours comms.

I’m keeping the postie flying for a great experience all round and I highly recommend them!

Wayne Freeman, London

Two Blokes and a Postie have been a huge asset to our business. Not only do they help us extend our BC sites well beyond the restraints of the software, but their scripting, API knowledge and turnaround has been faultless. If it can be done on BC, these blokes can do it… simple as that!

Katherine Anderson - Director - Sirocco Web Design & Business Catalyst SEO

We are two blokes from the old Business Catalyst crew, back from when the whole team was able to fit in a large family sedan (minus the postie).

Mario Gudelj

Mario was the first official support guy for Business Catalyst, way back when it looked like this. (The admin V1 was just as snazzy, until the Larz-produced awesomeness that was V2). If you've contacted Business Catalyst support in the past six years it is likely that you got Mario at some stage to answer your support ticket. You might have met him at his training webinars, Q&As or BC forums where he remains an active member.

Mario thrives on troubleshooting the hard support cases that involve API and JavaScript, and loves coming up with solutions for those complex problems that push BC limits. He's at home in Chrome's developer tools and Firebug.

Mario worked at BC from 2007 until 2012 and now continues to work on BC, but from the other side - your side.

Eddy Chan

Eddy worked at BC from 2008 to 2011. He was the Product Manager who laid down the plans for that spiffy modern Admin Console that BC currently has and he drove a lot of the new feature development during that time while listening to your feedback. Eddy is passionate about solving customers' problems and about customer satisfaction.

Last year, Eddy went on to build his own event scheduling SaaS company from scratch called ‘ZenBookings’. He is an expert in Python and the Django web-framework which is what we deploy our API apps on.

He types fast and has a mechanical keyboard that echoes around the office.


Definition: post·ie - Small Honda CT110 motorbike used by postmen in Australia.

Our official vehicle is a postie parked outside of our office. We love her dearly!