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What a relief…I have launched my MVP!

It’s called ZenBookings - it’s an online booking service for people who run classes like dance, yoga, fitness, cooking teachers and more. We provide them with a simple but elegantly designed website out of the box where they setup their class schedule and details and then lets their students/customers book in via the website.

I’m going to be expanding it soon to have what I call the ‘Open Availability’ model so professional service providers can use it too and let their customers book appointments with them from desktop or mobile browsers. But for now the MVP just targets class providers (otherwise it wouldn’t be an MVP would it?).

I use Fabric to do a ‘one command deploy’ for my Django App via BitBucket onto my production EC2 environment (more on this setup in an upcoming post) and let me tell you it was a strange mixture of relief and excitement to hit that <Enter> to make it all go live!


As a startup founder it is nothing short of a tough grind to go from idea to having a functioning product that the general public can use. Even an MVP is a grind to get out and at the end it’s a huge relief because:

  1. You get to the point where you have a functioning prototype and then you figure out it’s going to take more effort just to iron out all the little bugs that shouldn’t be there because even an MVP is no excuse for poor quality software.
  2. Every potential customer you pitch to is asking “When can I use it?” and the longer you leave it for the less likely you are to getting them onboard
  3. Friends and family are constantly asking you every time you see them about how your startup is doing, when you’re going to launch.
  4. The longer you go without launching the bigger that weed of self-doubt grows in the back of your mind - ‘Am I cut out to be a founder?’ - nothing kills that weed off like shipping. You go from ‘Can I do this’ to ‘I can do this!’


And this brings me to excitement - I’m well and truly excited because this is just the beginning. I look forward to:

  1. All the feedback people are going to give me. In my mind there’s no such thing as bad/negative feedback because all feedback leads to improvements in my product. 
  2. Being able to pitch to customers and watch them use my product straight away. It’s truly satisfying to think ‘I built that, and they’re using it!’.
  3. Not having to code all the time anymore because now we can go out to sell and hopefully get ramen profitable before too long.

So come check it out at ZenBookings - if you know anybody who might be interested please tell them about us, we really want to work closely with people who teach classes for a living cos I’m itching to keep making it better but I don’t want to do it without customer feedback. :)

P.S the <ol>s were just for you Jackson

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